Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Starting at $225 a Year

CourseVector’s Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting powered by Amazon offers unmatched scalability, reliability, and support. Bring your website onto the same platform used by Netflix, Intuit, Hertz, Time Inc. and more. Dedicated servers mean you don’t have to share resources with another client. Cloud hosting can scale to fit your business needs. Plus, this service offers all the benefits of CourseVector’s Managed WordPress Hosting services.

You worry about your business and let our team of WordPress experts handle your website.

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Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Features

All the features of our Managed Hosting package.

Dedicated server.

Cloud hosting.

Increased storage and transfer limits (limits vary by plan).

Unlimited email boxes (up to 4G of storage total and can be expanded).

Attached disks and disk snapshots encrypted at rest.

HTML, PHP, SQL and most major on-line languages.

Support for WordPress, Drupal, any many more.

Available Hosting Tiers

Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 1$225/year512 MB Memory, 1 Core Processor, 20 GB SSD Disk, 1 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 2$275/year1 G Memory, 1 Core Processor, 40 GB SSD Disk, 2 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 3$385/year $35/month2 G Memory, 1 Core Processor, 60 GB SSD Disk, 3 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 4$625/year $55/month4 G Memory, 2 Core Processor, 80 GB SSD Disk, 4 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 5$1100/year $95/month8 G Memory, 2 Core Processor, 160 GB SSD Disk, 5 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 6$2060/year $175/month16 G Memory, 4 Core Processor, 320 GB SSD Disk, 6 TB Transfer
Managed WordPress Hosting Tier 7$3980/year $335/month32 G Memory, 8 Core Processor, 640 GB SSD Disk, 7 TB Transfer

Secure Email Addon for Amazon Dedicated Cloud Based Hosting

Email communication can include personal or sensitive data. It is essential to keep your information and the information of your clients secure by preventing unauthorized email access. CourseVector’s Secure Email add on is a safe and efficient alternative to regular email.  For just $300 a year, our clients can ensure their sensitive information is always protected.  


Secure email on an encrypted server. All email will be encrypted at rest.

Starting at 20GB of storage (shared with your website). For example: If a site is 3GB in size that leaves you with 17GB of storage available for email.

Unlimited amount of email boxes.

Designated IP address.


Why Use Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a cluster of servers designed to expand and share the same data. Its stability and affordability make it the ideal solution when looking at hosting options. The ability to expand at a moment’s notice is also a huge benefit to cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can be 5 – 50 times faster than more traditional hosting options. It can also handle more traffic at one time than other hosting solutions.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is just that – a server dedicated to one client. Because there are no other clients pulling resources, your website gets all that the server has to offer.

Does Cloud Hosting Offer Data Encryption at Rest?

Yes, to help keep your data secure, all attached disks and disk snapshots are encrypted at rest. What this means for you is that your website will be compliant with most data encryption and transfer requirements up to but not including HIPAA. (If interested in HIPAA compliance, contact us for compliance options.)

Managed WordPress Affordable Web Hosting Package

Starting at $189 a Year

Maintenance should be considered in the cost of owning a website. Software, applications, and plugins all need maintenance to remain secure. Website maintenance reduces the risk of liability long-term.

If you run a dedicated WordPress website, take a look at our managed hosting option. This takes the stress out of running your website and lets you focus on running your business. For $189 per year, this includes all of the features of our Basic Hosting package and includes:

managed wordpress hosting - wordpress managed hosting

Managed WordPress Affordable Web Hosting Package Features

WordPress installation.

Automatic WordPress backup/restore.

htaccess hardened logon.

htaccess directory security permissions.

Security plugins.

Caching plugin.

Periodic security, WordPress, plugin review and updates, approximately every six months, by a qualified United States based WordPress Technician.

Semi-annual, manual, archival backups.

Plus, if a virus is detected because of our lack of protection, or if the site has issues because of updates and patches, CourseVector fixes it free of charge! You owe nothing to have it fixed.

Basic Affordable Web Hosting Package

Starting at $48 a Year

All hosting options come with, at the minimum, the following features: Our basic hosting package comes with all of the following features for only $48 per year!

Basic Hosting Features

Server control panel (cPanel).

Server firewall: our first layer of security (prevents brute force attacks).

Web application firewall: our second layer of security (reviews every web request for suspicious activity).

4GB storage: we also offer 10GB, 25GB, or more.

100 email addresses: adjustable on request.

Web accessible email.

Email forwarding.

Courtesy cPanel backup: no guarantees or warranties.

HTML, PHP, SQL and most major online languages.

Support for WordPress, Drupal, and many more.

Flexible server configuration.

Additional Services for Managed and Basic Hosting Packages

Hosting Storage

Need more than 4GB of space for your website and email? We offer the following add-ons to allow your website to grow along with your business.

4GB Included in base package

10GB +$75/yr

25GB +$135/yr

25GB +20/yr in 5GB increments

Hosting Bandwidth

Our hosting package includes up to 50GB of bandwidth. But with streaming video or transferring large files, you may need more. Check out what options you have available to suit your needs.

50GB Included in base package

500GB +$300/yr

1000GB +$400/yr

4000GB +$500/yr

1TB +$700/yr

1TB +$700/yr in 1TB increments

Ready to Get Started with Course Vector Hosting?

Contact our team today! We can answer your questions and suggest the plan that works best for your business.

Custom Hosting

Custom hosting plans, including VPS options, dedicated cloud hosting, and international hosting, are available by request.

Already Hosting Somewhere Else?

That’s okay! Our team of experts can transfer your site with no down time. We’re ready to help you switch to Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting.

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