Lewisberry Borough Website Design

Lewisberry Borough takes advantage of The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Web Design Program. For years, Lewisberry Borough used only PSAB’s hosting services. However, their website needed refresh. They were able to revamp this small government WordPress website within their yearly budget! It is the perfect place for residents to find information about the borough […]

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Be Found Online with Image Optimization

Page not performing well in the SERPS? It might be your images! Your website looks great. You’ve optimized your text, added beautiful images. Now, you sit back and wait for the search engines to find your site. You wait three months* and nothing happens. Your site isn’t being indexed! No one can find your site, […]

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Appalachian Appraisal Services Website Design

Appalachian Appraisal Services, a Maryland-based provider of real estate valuations for appraisal management companies, direct lenders and private individuals, needed a website for their business. They didn’t need anything fancy. They just needed a place to describe their services and allow for prospective customers to contact them. This real estate WordPress website is eye-catching but […]

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60% Increase in Municipality Attacks

Don’t Be A Municipal Security Statistic! 2019 was not a good year for municipality ransomware attacks with a 60% Increase in attacks. During these attacks, cyber-criminals demanded anywhere from $1 million to $5+ million from their victims.

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Borough of South Coatesville Website Design

Borough of South Coatesville takes advantage of The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Web Design Program. Borough of South Coatesville wanted a website to make sharing important borough information with the public quick and easy. This small government WordPress website is the perfect place for residents to find information about the borough and community. CourseVector […]

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How to Read Your Page Speed Report

A page speed report gives a report on how fast your website is and highlights areas that can be improved. This report is generated using GTmetrix. You can test your website if you want anytime by visiting the link below. GTmetrix Page Speed Test How to Read Your Page Speed Report The most important part […]

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How to Read Your SEO Page Analysis Report

When CourseVector optimizes a page for a specific keyword, we do more than just interject the keyword into the content. We also change meta descriptions, add alt tags to images, add schema, add links, and more. This report utlizes a myriad of factors to determine an overall score for your page. The higher the score, […]

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How to Read Your SEO Crawl Report

Search engines, like Google, “crawl” your website to determine what your website is about to better index your site in their search engine results. This crawl report is run in a way that allows our technicians to see your site through the eyes of Google and other search engine crawlers. This various information, most of […]

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How to Read Your SEO Benchmark Report

The Becnhmark Report is a ranking report that shows an approximation of the keywords your site is ranking for and their ranking position. CourseVector utlizes third party software to generate your Benchmark report. Keep in mind that this report is just an approximation. The rankings on these reports can be up to 2 years old (the […]

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How to Read Your SEO Ranking Report

Your Ranking Report shows the position your website will appear in Google’s search results for each keyword being tracked. CourseVector utlizes third party software to track your keywords and the ranking report you see is generated as such. Below is a guide on how to read your report and why it is important for your […]

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