Military Law Firm Website Design and Hosting

Court & Carpenter, a law firm that serves those in our armed forces, needed a website overhaul. Their old site was good, but out-of-date. This law firm theme for WordPress showcases what this firm does best – winning cases. It allows potential clients to easily choose their case-type or service-branch to find the information they […]

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PHP Version Upgrades

PHP is the open source programming language used by WordPress. Like most everything else online, it is constantly evolving. Previous versions of PHP (5.6 and 7.0) have reached “end of life” status. This means they are no longer being supported with updates and thus are no longer secure. It’s time to upgrade to PHP version […]

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Most Stressful Aspects of a Cybersecurity Job According to Tech Republic

Keeping up with the security needs of new IT initiatives (40%) Finding out about IT initiatives/projects that were started with no security oversight (39%) Trying to get end users to understand cybersecurity risks and change their behavior accordingly (38%) Trying to get the business to better understand cyber risks (37%) The overwhelming workload (36%) Constant […]

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Suspect You Have Been Locked Out of Your Website?

CourseVector has a system that allows the end user to unblock themselves if the security firewall is activated and the website or email becomes unavailable. If you feel you have been blocked by our security firewall, follow theses instructions. If you still cannot access your site, feel free to contact support. Please note that it […]

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Ensuring your Email Makes it Past the Spam Filter

Does your email look like spam? Email marketing can be a great way to stay in touch with your customers because it’s a cost-effective way to stay in front of your customers. But, how do you know that your emails are reaching the right customers – or any customers at all? No business or company […]

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Site Structure Matters

Everything thinks about visuals when designing a website, but it is essential to think about site structure from the beginning of your web design project!  Making good structural decisions throughout the development process will not only result in an effective SEO strategy but will also provide a more seamless and professional website for your audience. […]

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New Services Offered by CourseVector

The CourseVector team is constantly striving to make your online experince a good one. Check out these new services we’ve created especially for you. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact our team. CourseVector now offers encrypted hosting and encrypted email available with many of our existing hosting options. Collect PII? Accept payments online? […]

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Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness Poster May 2019

Cybersecurity Poster Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness May 2019 Downloadable PDF CourseVector grants permission to use this artwork for any non-commercial purpose as long as the CourseVector contact information remains, as is, on any reproduction or use.

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Is Your SEO Company Counting Bots?

In today’s tech world, bots are everywhere! What exactly is a “bot”? A bot is an automated program designed to run tasks throughout the internet way faster than a human ever could; examples can include malicious bots and web crawlers.  It was recently reported that approximately 20% of all web traffic comes from bad bots. […]

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Choosing the right hosting service

The hosting service you choose can make or (quite literally) break your website. But, choosing the right web host can be challenging. There are so many options to choose from, with even more add-ons and maintenance packages that make choosing hard. We’ve broken down how to evaluate each hosting service to choose one that fits […]

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